3DS / DSI Hack By 3DT3AM

Tested with every region (US, EU, AUS, JAP) and any firmware (4.3.0-10 and older). Online multiplayer is fully enabled and working. You can use any DS and 3DS roms on any 3DS system (region free).

NEW* easy-to-use GUI (graphical user interface) for the 3DS added.

You don't need any additional hardware, you can just use the built in-wifi (or a sd-card reader) and the included 2gb sd-card (or any sd-card 2gb or larger) with these hacking tools. No installation is necessary. A detailed readme.txt is included and a step by step instructions video is available. This softmod is based on a modified Wii streaming hack.

Note: This hack can NOT brick your system, ever. If Nintendo releases a firmware update which disables the hack, the games simply won't work but your 3DS and your savegame will not be affected at all. A new version of the hack will be released immediately if Nintendo disables the hack, which will not happen any time soon.

Instructions : 

1- Download The right Version For Your System : 

2- Watch the Following Video For installation :

3- Enjoy Playing , You can Play .3DS roms and .NDS roms it comes with the preloaded , rom loader you should see a Channel in your 3DS / Dsi that Looks like this :